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The Moonlight Ranch. A place where views replace the ongoing semantics of the big city. Located in Montana, which is 15 miles from the resort town of Red Lodge, 40 acres of wide-open space. On the west side of the property lies the whimsical Beartooth Mountains while you can turn east to gaze at the majestic Clark's Forke / Yellowstone River. The property also is on a bluff 400 feet above the river. A little way up Grove Creek Road, you can hike or drive through the omniscient Mateetsee trail, the epitome of nature. Just down the highway is the resort town of Red Lodge, famous for its winter and summer extreme sports and history. You can enjoy the extravagant and joyous restaurants located all around the town while going up to Red Lodge Mountain to ski and snowboard during the winter. You can even go up through the famous Beartooth Pass Highway to Grizzly Peak to do those things all year round. There are also many historical landmarks placed around the town that will always give you something new to learn about. Yellowstone Park is only a short 1 hour and 34 minutes away from the Moonlight Ranch bringing you even closer to nature.

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